Hey guys! Welcome to my Saturday Series, “Some Things I’m Loving!” If you want to join me, feel free to link up below and we can all share with each other what we’ve been loving this week! :)

Song: “Team” by Lorde. This girl. She’s gorgeous, her voice is beautiful, and I loooove her music. I have to thank my BFF for introducing her to me. I’ve been listening to this particular song nonstop all week, and can’t get enough.
Team by Lorde on Grooveshark

Food: Well, Zack and I got ourselves some Blizzards the other night. Here’s how it went down- There was a commercial on tv for buy one Blizzard get one $0.99. Zack: Oh, okay. We should probably go get Blizzards now. Katie: You read my mind. Then we got in our car and both got the Oreo Blizzard because I mean, is there any other choice, if we’re being honest here? I even was feeling extra brave and held mine upside down. Livin’ on the edge, I know.

Workout: Date Night! It’s a great cardio routine from Tone It Up that I did yesterday, and it got my heartrate up nice and high! I rode my stationary bike instead of running. Make it work for you, however that may be! I’m all about mixing it up! :)

Random Thoughts: Sunday is the first day of fall. Okay, nowwww we are all allowed to talk scarves and sweaters and cool weather and pumpkins and leaves and whatnot. I’m officially giving you the green light. Because I know you were all waiting for that. (ha! I keed, I keeed).

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  1. After I heard Royals by Lorde on the radio, I knew they were going to be one of my new favorite songs. I just can’t get enough!!! MMmmmm Blizzards always look sooo good!! I need to make my own cookies n’ cream ice cream, because I agree with you, well unless there is a coffee flavor haha then coffee takes the cake over cookies n’ cream :). I’m super excited about Sunday!! I have a feeling I will be super hyper that day!

    • Isn’t she so good?! I just love her voice! And YES Blizzards are always a good idea. Awesome that you make your own ice cream! That’s something I definitely want to try!

  2. Oreo is definitely a good choice! Although, a chain around here recently started offering a kind with snickers….those are kind of addicting….

  3. My husband and I just got Blizzards!!! :-) I had an Oreo and cheesecake blizzard – yum!!!! I haven’t had a blizzard in years!

  4. FORGOT TO TELL YOU — you’ve inspired me to start doing your ‘favorite’ workouts with you! i have been running, BUT for some reason, my sides start hurting less than 5 minutes in. normally, i could go about 3 miles with no aches, but lately they’ve been weird. so i need to find an alternative & you’ve helped! thanks, lovely!

  5. We went for a little treat last night, too! small black raspberry shake. nom nom nom!


  6. Yup. Broke out the scarves this weekend. (And bought a new one. Because of course I did.)

  7. Great list. It’s so chilly here, no Blizzards for me. It’s like 50 degrees here & I’m already sick with a cold..

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