• I could just eat this little peanut up. 🥰 5 months is proving to be so fun- he is so much more aware of his world around him, he loves his siblings and cats, chats all the time, loves watching the world on his tummy, and just found his toes which- I don’t know if you know this- but is basically the cutest thing ever. 😍 Ollie boy, thank heaven for YOU! 💗
  • This sweater makes me think of neopolitan ice cream, anybody else?!🍦Ice cream makes me happy. Therefore, this sweater makes me happy. And if a sweater makes me happy, it’s a must. Also, if it’s on sale (which it is). 👌🏻 Outfit details linked, along with some more cozy fall outfits, on the blog today- katiedidwhat.com (link in bio) 💗 http://liketk.it/2FUqd #liketkit @liketoknow.it
  • I know I’m going to miss this. The late nights, this tiny babe finding comfort only in my arms. Oliver slept the best he has last night- after his dream feed at 10:45, he slept through until 6:45! I couldn’t believe it! 😳🙌🏻 And it was amazing, but also made me think, wait wait wait. Juuuuust a second. This is all going a little too fast for me. I mean, yes sleep is necessary. Sleep makes me a better person. 😂 But, the late night wakings, his needing just me to soothe him, his tiny warm body nestled into mine just so. It’s all so sweet and lovely and beautiful, and it’s all going really quickly. Soon he’ll be sleeping 12 hours every night, in his own room, and that will be fine and I’ll be more well rested, but. I guess what I’m saying is: last night I just needed to snap this picture. Because this won’t happen forever, and soon enough I won’t have the chance to take a picture in the dark, holding my milk-drunk sleeping babe in my arms right before putting him in his bassinet by my bed for the night. ✨ So here we are. And I’m holding him a little bit longer. I need this memory to last forever- because we all know babies surely don’t. 💗
  • Making this sweet baby smile is my current favorite hobby. And not to brag or anything, but I’m pretty good at it. 😉🤗 Something else making us smile is his new @maxicosiusa Lila stroller. He is literally riding in supreme comfort, and couldn’t be happier! I love that this stroller can become a double too 🙌🏻 And it’s the smoothest ride, with plenty of storage, so Mama can bring all of the things! 😅 #ad #maxicosilila #wecarrythefuture #maxicosi
  • Happy Friday from my blue eyed baby and me. 🥰👯‍♀️ We are ready to paint the town! And by “paint the town” I mean stay home and have cooing conversations back and forth (the best), scream through the evening nap (him, not me, although... 🤔🤪) and go to bed early (both of us). 🎉 PARTY ANIMALS. 🥳 What are your Friday night plans?? My outfit details linked here: http://liketk.it/2FKct #liketkit @liketoknow.it
  • #tbt to this sweet bump (although I’m so happy he’s in my arms now! I prefer him here!) and getting ready for his arrival! (#ad) 🥰 I was slowly collecting all of the things for when he gets here- blankets, the tiniest little clothes, pacis, bottles, breast pump, just to name a few... and although I’m currently exclusively breastfeeding, we supplemented with both Sam and Sophie eventually, so I’m excited to try out @enfamil Enspire if the time comes to do so. It’s a milk-based formula that has lactoferrin, an important protein also found in breast milk, and DHA & MFGM, a fat-protein blend previously found only in breast milk.* Anybody else preparing for Baby, or just had their baby like me?! I’d love to know when you’re due/when Baby came! Oliver decided to come 2 weeks early, a major happy surprise! #EnfamilEnspires *In a clinically researched amount
  • Sophie Michelle at 3.5 years old:
Everything that happened in the past happened “yesterday” or “yesterday before.”
Has an imaginary friend named No-see-doss. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Loves babies (especially her baby brother) and all animals. 💗
In the highest voice possible: “oooooh little Ollie boy, you are soooooo cyoooooote!”
Has an insane vocabulary and we’re constantly looking at ourselves, like “Did she really just say that?!” 🙌🏻
Loves Pete the Cat, Daniel Tiger, Minnie Mouse and Blippi. 🙃
Loooooves puzzles, building with blocks, reading books, drawing and dance parties. ✨
My absolute dream girl. Sassy and sweet and hilarious and wild. So like myself in so many ways. We’re in for it with this one. 😬😍💁🏻‍♀️ #sophiedidwhat || beautiful name sign: @thepolymathmom 😍 tutu: @ilovestelle 💕 watercolor print: @hillaryproctorstudio ✨ unicorn doll: @cuddleandkind