• When it’s raining outside and you’re living that postpartum life, you strap the newborn to you and have a picnic in the garage! 🙌🏻 Scrunchie and a high ponytail, babywearing, iced coffee, all of the water, and our new favorite snack: @sistersfruitcompany apple chips! They’re seriously delicious- the whole family is hooked! 👌🏻 They’re all-natural and a small family business that uses locally sourced fruit (Pacific Northwest) and take their unused by-products to convert into renewable green energy! Amazing! 🙌🏻 Now, please share your favorite snacks in the comments! I am constantly starving these days and need all of the snack suggestions!! 😋🐄🤣 http://liketk.it/2BWJD #liketkit @liketoknow.it
  • I was so nervous about Sam’s reaction to the new baby. We prepped him as much as we could, but never knew just how much he understood of what we said, and how prepared he really was. And then we brought Oliver home. And Sam’s reaction was incredible. So interested, so gentle, so sweet and so in love! He instantly went over and kissed him and pet his soft head, and my heart burst. ❤️ This is everything I wanted but didn’t dare allow myself to hope for. And here we are. So much love for his new baby brother! #brothers #lifewithautism
  • Hello world. 👋🏻 We had our newborn family photo shoot today, and we are all worn out from it. The most I’ve done in 11 days, and I’m spent. 😜 If you need me the rest of the weekend, I’ll be snuggling this scrumptious little burrito baby. My happy place. ✨ Sweetest newborn set from @lulujobaby 💕 #ad ✨GIVEAWAY✨ Wanna win your own? To enter:
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  • My girl. 💕 This picture was taken just days before baby Oliver came into this world, and you were instantly no longer the baby. You’ve stepped into a whole new, unknown role of Big Sister. And though I was kind of sad about it to be honest, it’s also so exciting to see you blossoming and taking on this role with the same gusto you take on everything in this world! You are my sweet, sassy and stubborn little girl, and you are already the best big sister to this baby boy! You’re my big helper, always making sure he is happy and constantly petting his head or resting your hand on his cheeks. You want to hold him and kiss him all the time, and when he’s crying you come over and say, “it’s okay, Baby Oliver, don’t cry.” 😭 I wasn’t sure I would ever be ready for this baby, but now I see, we all were ready, my love. 🙌🏻 And really, not much will change, in that you’ll always be my baby. 🥰 And your reign as the princess of this house carries on. 👑 #mygirl http://liketk.it/2BUsQ #liketkit @liketoknow.it
  • Living that postpartum, 4th trimester life. 👌🏻 Gimme all of the baby cuddles, the water (I forgot how thirsty breastfeeding makes you!!!), the soft comfy clothes, the afternoon naps, and the nourishing food. ✨ Postpartum nourishment is so important, and eating healthy foods that support your health and body is everything! @freshlymoms gets that, and makes amazing snacks and goodies geared toward the new mom’s body. Many cultures around the world follow a 6 week postpartum care period that focuses on rest and nutrition for the mama, and this is something that’s sadly lacking in the US. @freshlymoms wants to change that, by providing easy access to quality nutrition, with their boxes for the first 40 days. Time to replenish our bodies the right way- I’m all for that. And now I can spend all my energy (or lack thereof 😉) soaking in allllll of this newborn love. 💕 #ad #freshlymoms || use code KDW10 to get 10% off your first order!
  • I find myself resting more this time around, really slowing down and soaking in these newborn days. I’m just honestly so blissfully happy right now, and am completely and utterly letting myself be emerged in this newborn bubble of pure magic. ✨ The adjustment to 3 has been amazing- the best so far. And yes, we’re only on day 8, but it’s just so good. All of it. 💗 I don’t mind the lack of sleep or the constant nursing or the tiny newborn cries. I don’t mind the endless laundry and countless diaper changes. It’s all good. Every ounce of it. And look at those rolls. Look at his cheeks! His skin is so soft and he smells like heaven, and I’ll just be here soaking him in and cuddling him as much as humanly possible. 💕 #postpartum #4thttrimester
  • 1 week of loving you. 💕 1 week of no sleep, of postpartum hormones, of no schedule and going with the flow. One week of newborn naps and all of the cuddles and sibling love and figuring out our new norm as a family of five! You are the perfect completion, little one, and we couldn’t love you more! 🥰 Milestone blanket (so soft and big!) by @milkandkids #ad #milkandkidsmilestone || Use code MKKATIE20 for 20% off!