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beanie: h&m
chambray: h&m (old- similar here)
top: brandy melville
liquid leggings: american apparel (here)
necklace: forever 21 (similar here)
bracelet and boots: gifts




These liquid leggings are my favourite, ever. In case anyone is in doubt as to what brand makes the best leggings, the answer is American Apparel, every single time. You guys. They are never see-through, or thin, or cheap. And they last foreverrrr. Just an FYI. As for these leggings, it definitely takes some confidence to wear them, and especially to wear them in daylight, as they could be seen as more of a nighttime/clubbing type of item. But, I mean, I’m not really the biggest “clubber” (surprise!) and so I just throw on a long enough shirt to cover the bum and something a little less dressy to make these leggings daytime appropriate. And what better way to do that than with my trusty chambray? This outfit just screams California effortlessness to me, and I’m a California girl through and through, thus this outfit? It’s me. Totes.

Would you wear liquid leggings?
What outfit would you say describes your personal style best?


p.s. I wrote my very first post on Savvy Sassy Moms, and it’s all about ways to wear a scarf!!! :) Please go leave some love and let me know what you think!

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  1. I like leggings as long as they are worn right. However, my hubby clucks at me when I try to wear them so I don’t. lol. ;)

  2. I used to wear leggings all the time and I am just now starting to get back into them. I found another great brand: Lauren Conrad from Kohls. The best leggings I have ever tried on.

  3. I love your tee!!

  4. Omg cute!!! I’m not sure I could pull those off, but they would be fun! I live a mix of girly and tomboy, and I love comfy casual chic :)

  5. I need those leggings/ ASAP.

  6. I have never seen liquid leggings, but I would try them out! Leggings are so comfy.

  7. nice outfits!! leggings is not my favorite piece and i own a few of this only.i’m not even wearing them after i brought them home.ridiculous,right?i felt that leggings make my hips look bigger than ever..well,i’m not a petite type.haha

    xo josephine

  8. I wear capri pants because of the optical illusion. I am very petite. I did buy a pair of leggings at Abercrombie and at MUJI (Japanese brand) and I am OK with them. American Apparel has great colors but for me their styles are too high cut.
    I am funny in the sense that I do not have a problem with wearing club or night time clothes if I am in the mood. But it is very interesting to hear how you can manipulate a certain outfit in to looking more modest. I think your outfit rocks! And I have been looking at beanies for the past few days. I do not need one here in Thailand but at the last episode of this season’s Project Runway the girl called Dom had a few beanies on and it pushed my button to look for cotton beanies (tricky).
    I better head off to SSM to see your first post… :)

    xoxo, Eszter

    • I love making an outfit that would seemingly be for nighttime, daytime appropriate! It’s a fun challenge :) Plus, you get more wear out of your clothes that way! Beanies are the best, there’s always online if you can’t find a good one in person!

  9. looking like a smoking hot fox!

  10. Can you stop being to cute??? Seriously!! Not sure if I have enough confidence to wear liquid leggings, BUT you are tempting me. I so need to stop in American Apparel and check out there leggings….it’s hard to find ones that are a good quality.

  11. Your out fit is so cute! love the quote on your shirt!


  12. 1. I hope I’m as cute as you when I’m pregnant. 2. I am gonna have to go to AA for some leggings apparently! So cute!

  13. Your legs are so perfect.

  14. LOVE those leggings… I’ve been on the lookout; sounds like I should go with American Apparel!
    Fifth Freedom Fashion

  15. you did it again! i love your ‘i need coffee’ shirt & now this one…ugggh. i think i’m going to start making my own tees from all of the sayings i love! thanks for the inspiration!

    • Right?! Making your own tees is SUCH a good idea!! I always say I’m going to, but haven’t ever gotten around to it. Some day. ;)

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