• The best errand buddy. 🥰 Ollie is seriously such a sweet, go-with-the-flow baby. And yes, in some part because that is simply his nature, but I think a large part of it is because he just has no choice. 😂 Getting his naps cut short for some reason or another, going on errands and to his sibling’s various activities. Lots of car naps and lots of being held or worn, just like this. And through it all, he is always (okay, mostly 😉) just so happy. My little koala, as my mom always called me. 🐨 Gonna be wearing him until I can’t no mo’. And he’ll always be my little sidekick. 💕 #thirdbabyprobs #alwaysthebaby  http://liketk.it/2KPoY #liketkit @liketoknow.it
  • Sweet dreams, sweet baby. ☁️ I love this little space of our bedroom- Ollie’s own little space. Can we all just agree that watching our babies sleep is the best?! I could sit here forever and just stare... ✨ *sigh* || his crib is from ikea, and was Sophie’s. Sheet is @sollybaby. Signs are from Ross. Name sign is @studio.noel. And his weighted sleep sack is @dreamlandbabyco and I swear by it! He was sleeping terribly, and the very first night we used it, he slept his longest stretch! 🙌🏻 Use code KATIEREYES for 15% off- link is in my bio! 💗 I shared a little room tour in my stories, too. ☺️
  • Sam has been SO chatty this week!!! Hearing so many new sounds that we haven’t heard in a longggg time has made us both (and his SLP) so hopeful!! 🙏🏻 Sophie has been a complete four-nager (yes, that is totally a thing) this week. A literal sour patch kid. I guess this is 4, according to many of my mama friends who have gone before me. 🤪 YAY. Learning to take mini “mama time outs” and lots of deep breaths. ✨ Don’t want to kill her spirit, but also would like to keep my sanity. 😂 And Ollie boy has been an absolute dream- he loves to growl and say “dadada” all day long. Waving is also his favorite, and smiling at everyone. He’s the best. 💕
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  • Sam has been having assessments with the school district all month, for next school year. Today was the OT assessment. This was about 15 minutes of him sitting in a small room with two strangers (and us) doing various tasks he was asked- stringing beads, stacking blocks, cutting paper, drawing lines. At one point the OT told us how low he was going to score (below average) and that he would “obviously” be placed in an Autism class. I found it quite irritating how much she kept saying “obviously.” Sam is so smart. He learns and picks up on things quickly. Yes he needs more support, but he is capable of so much and it’s so frustrating always feeling like I have to prove his worth to complete strangers. I have nothing to prove to anyone. Sam has nothing to prove. They don’t know him. Not like I do.
Deep breath. SO. We will see where the district decides to place him. We will tour the placement and keep an open mind. We may even try it out and see how it goes- give it a shot- but honestly guys? Zack and I have been talking a lot, and praying about it, and I’m feeling more and more led to homeschool. Never thought I’d say that in a million trillion years, but here we are. Funny how life works, huh? We met with a friend who planted this idea in our head and is in virtually our exact same position, with a son on the spectrum as well, and she’s been giving me the confidence to really believe that I CAN do this. 😅 Nothing is set in stone, but it’s on the plate. And looking better and better the more research I do, the more I think about it and the more I pray about it. 💗 We know what’s best for Sam, to succeed. To become independent. To grow and thrive. Just waiting and seeing where the Lord wants our journey to lead. ✨
  • Day date with my favorite girl. 👯‍♀️🎀 Love spending one on one time with my babes, and we don’t do it nearly enough. Definitely fills my tank, and theirs, when they get our undivided attention. I’m seeing more and more just how necessary it is- especially with the baby always demanding so much of me. I can see how it affects her. Today, both of our tanks are filled to the brim. 🥰
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  • Mornings are always hectic. #ad running around getting the older two dressed and ready for school and finishing packing their lunches, all while having my little koala bear permanently attached to my hip. 🥰 Thankful for @fage Total 2% Split Cup all-natural Greek yogurt, a quick, delicious and protein-rich breakfast that I can grab and eat before heading out the door! 👌🏻 I’m loving the honey flavor for some yummy rich and creaminess in the morning- and it’s low fat! What’s your go-to quick breakfast? #FAGE #FAGESplitCup
  • A fun morning with the fam. ✨ We headed to our favorite park (Castle Park in Folsom, if you’re local!) and hung out, played and ate snacks alllll morning, and it was glorious. Everyone played nicely, no meltdowns, and Sam and Sophie took turns pushing Ollie in the swing (swipe over to melt your freaking heart into a puddle of nothingness 😍). Basically, if every single day could be like today, I’d be a happy camper. But I know they can’t be, so instead I’ll take what I can get and enjoy these moments, hanging on to them through our next tantrum. 🤪😂💗 http://liketk.it/2KtiU #liketkit @liketoknow.it