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{taking me back to my ballet days :)}

Oh my goodness, guys, welcome to my new favourite workout outfit. Ellie sent me this top and these capris and I am dying over here with how much I’m in love with them. It’s no secret that my current obsession is all things workout clothes, and thus it should be no surprise that this outfit is my current favourite and that I kind of want to wear it every single day. I mean, I can’t get over the cuteness! First off, the top. It’s got a built-in bra (but I still wore it with a sports bra underneath for extra support ;)) and it is super long and so comfortable! It seriously fits like a glove. Like a perfectly sized glove. I have a long torso, and hate when my workout tops ride up on me, but I am happy to report that this one does no such thing. It stays put! I also adore the hot pink detailing, don’t you? And now to my very favourite thing ever: the capris! They are the prettiest color blue you will ever see! Even Zack couldn’t stop gushing about how much he liked them, which is saying something! Not only are they the most beautiful color, but they are also so comfortable and super stretchy! I love the little “le” emblem on them, too (get it? Ellie?). I went running in this exact outfit the other day, and I’m happy to say it is my new go-to running outfit. Everything about it is perfect. And no, I’m not being paid to say this. I really mean it.

Now to the good part for you! Sign up through this link here and get 20% off your own cute clothes from Ellie! They have such a great selection. You can order individual pieces, or join the Fit Fashionista Club which is a monthly subscription in which you are sent a new outfit each month! How fun is that? Check it out here!

Visit Ellie on Twitter and Facebook, too!

What’s your favourite outfit to work out in?
Do you have a preferred color that you always lean toward? For me, it’s pink. No surprise there!


*I was sent this outfit for review by ellie, but opinions and raves are 100% my own.


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    Love, love, love your workout clothes! Those colors would be the ones I lean towards: pink and aqua blue. I also don’t mind gray, whether it’s charcoal or heather, gray is good. My favorite workout outfit would be any of my yoga pants cause who doesn’t love stretchy and either of my Costco workout t-shirts. Also, loving a sports bra that I got at Old Navy a month ago or so…it is a racer-back gray with neon yellow straps, so comfy! Off to go check out Ellie!

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      Yes, pink and aqua blue: best colors everrrr!! And I’m pretty much obsessed with grey clothes. Zack alwayyyys makes fun of me because I will straight up just wear an entirely grey outfit to sleep in or when lounging around the house, without even noticing! It just happens! Apparently I lean toward grey clothing a lot? Haha and I def need to check out Costco’s workout tees! You’ve got me curious!

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    This outfit is too cute!! This makes me sad to say, but if I had this outfit, I would probably end up not wearing it to workout, but would use each piece for everyday wear lol. Love the “LE”, now that’s creative :)

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    I too am an obsessive addict to work out wear….in fact, its starting to get a little dangerous because that is literally all I want to wear! Super cute!

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    I love this! I personally feel that cute workout clothes can motivate you to work out more, and work out harder than if you just wore something boring, right? Something like this would be perfect for me! I need all the help I can get!

    Xo, Kelsey

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