• 11 months of Oliver. 🌿 He’s the happiest baby. You smile at him and he smiles back instantly. We love his chubby cheeks and happy little growls. He prefers to stand as much as possible, holding onto anything he can, and is so strong! He’s cruising along furniture too! He loves to wave “hi,” and says “dada” all the time, “mama” occasionally, “uh” (uh oh, every time he drops something 😂), “t” for cat and “nana” (banana). Loves his siblings so much and food is a close second. 😉 Oh Ollie boy, you’re our light every single day! 💕 #oliverdidwhat #11monthsold
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  • Is there anything cuter than a baby in a hooded bath towel?! 😍🥰 This boy loooooves his baths! We were going to skip it one night, and I walked into the bathroom holding Ollie while the older two were in the tub, and then tried to leave and he LOST it, sooooo mad he wasn’t gonna get a bath. 😂 Needless to say, he got that bath. 😳🐳 Annnnnnd everything else for the rest of his life because LOOK AT HIM. 😫 #oliverdidwhat
  • Decided to get dressed up today and celebrated Palm Sunday at home with these crazies. 💕 It was special and sweet and wild and frustrating and beautiful, all at once. Kind of sums up all of our days recently. 😂 Finding the joy in the little things and centering myself when things feel out of control, has really helped my mental state during these crazy times. Also, I recommend getting “ready” some time this week. It really helped boost my morale and made things feel a little bit “normal” even though they are far from it. ✨ What are some things you’ve been doing to lift your spirits? I’d love to hear! ☺️ #wecrazy #inthistogether  http://liketk.it/2MwGE #liketkit @liketoknow.it
  • The light is always greater than the darkness. Always. 💗✨ We will get through this. And we will be stronger and better because of it- I believe that in my core. 🙌🏻 #hope
  • My sweet Sam. 😍 He lights up the room with his smile. He’s smart and and funny and gentle and easy-going. Once he has your heart, he has a grip on it. He has a way of completely winning you over, when you make the effort to get to him. And anyone who has, knows just how special it can be. ❤️ Today is Autism Awareness day, but it’s about so much more than awareness- what we’re striving for, every day, is acceptance, understanding, and kindness. It’s pretty simple. ✨ And yes, he has autism, but he is not defined by it. He is so much more- this is just one part of what makes him, him. I pray that when you see him, you see a sweet, adorable, loving, wonderful and special little boy, who is capable of so much. Because that is exactly what he is. 💙 #autismawarenessday
  • She saw me vacuuming, and said, “Wait, Mommy, I’ve got a great idea!” (her new phrase that we can’t get over) And she ran to get her little vacuum so she could “help” me. 🥺😭🥰 This quarantine period is hard and challenging, but it’s also been incredible to be able to spend so much time with our little ones. Its growing our relationships and making us stop to soak them up right now, just as they are, in these sweet ages. 💕 Also, I mean, might as well start ‘em young, amiright?! 😉🙌🏻 http://liketk.it/2Mltm #liketkit @liketoknow.it
  • We were together. I forget the rest. 💗 -Walt Whitman || (we, and also meerkat 😂 Sophie feels he’s a part of our family too) #quarantinediaries