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  • Living in activewear, all day errday. Because leggings are life. 💁🏻‍♀️ Especially when they’re this cute. Went on a coffee date with my man, and rocked my cute new hoodie from this month’s @wantable box. See the link in today’s blog post to try it out yourself! 💗 Outfit details linked on the blog! #wantable #ad
  • Who’s on Spring Break this week? 🙋‍♀️ This tee is perfect for any spring break vacays you may be going on... or, ya know, for wishful thinking (which is how I’m wearing mine 😂) It’s sure to put you in the vacation mode, no matter where you find yourself. Even if it’s your own backyard. 😜 || Sharing some Spring outfits on the blog today- 💗 you can also shop this outfit here 👉🏼 #liketkit
  • In celebration of the OFFICIAL first day of Spring, here’s a spring-y little number that does not accurately portray our current weather situation in the least. ☔️😂 It’s fine. Warm weather will be here soon! 🤗☀️👙 Did you catch my try-on session in my stories? I brought one of my flatlays to life. I personally love doing this, as it helps to see clothes in action, and on a real person! 🙌🏻 It’s all saved in my highlights titles “try ons” so you can always go back and watch! Which of the three outfits was your favorite? 💗 #kdw60 || all outfit details linked here 👉🏼 #liketkit
  • Me? Just stuck here in my car, not moving, because soooomebody fell asleep in her car seat 5 minutes before pulling into our driveway, and there is NO way I’m messing that up. 😂 And since I’m always hungry, thank God I have almonds in my bag- my fave easy and healthy on-the-go snack! And currently my lifesaver, cus after our busy morning, Mama is HANGRY. 🙌🏻 @californiaalmonds #AlmondsAreMySideKick #ad
  • Love this wild little crew of mine. 🤗 We had the best morning at church! Nothing but smiles, no meltdowns, and French fries after in celebration, because some things just call for French fries, know what I’m saying? 🍟🙌🏻 Then naps for all, and dinner at Nana and Papa’s house. Going to sleep tonight with a full heart. ❤️ || all outfit details linked here 👉🏼 #liketkit #ltkfamily
  • We got a 3 hour window today to get some work done. We grabbed coffee and took photos for the blog, and it was super productive and stress-free, and goodness I just really love my husband. And my in-laws, because they are amazing for always watching our babies. 🤗 Also, it was 50 degrees today and we were shooting some spring looks, and yes, in case you’re wondering, I was absolutely freezing here. FREEZING. ❄️ Can’t tell though, right? Spring, I’m ready for ya. Who’s with me?! 🙋‍♀️ (and go ahead and tell me how crazy I am for thinking 50 degrees is freezing 😂) || outfit details linked here 👉🏼 #liketkit
  • Tees and Shorts. Easy Spring uniform. 🙌 These are all staple pieces that mix and match beautifully! One of the shorts is just $15, too! 💃 And all are linked at ❤️ Also linked them all here 👉🏼 #liketkit  Which look is your favorite? #kdw60