• Sophie is the little sister that Sam needs. She pushes him out of his comfort zone. She seeks his attention and won’t stop until she gets it. She’s persistent. She’s sweet. She’s caring. She’s nurturing. And she loves so fiercely. Sometimes she’ll ask, “Why doesn’t Sam talk?” 💔 And we just tell her, it’s hard for him, and he talks without using his voice right now. And she sits there with a serious look on her face, nodding slowly, like she understands. And who knows. Maybe she understands even more than we do.
Every Friday at school, Sophie gets to pick a treasure out of the treasure box- a sticker or a small toy. And every single time, she picks something for Sam, too. And it’s amazing how it’s something she picks specifically for him. Last week was a top that spins (Sam loves to spin things). I’m just blown away by how attentive and thoughtful this girl is. I can feel like a failure over and over, but when I see my babies, I see everything RIGHT. 💗
This was one of those moments I want to bottle up forever- Sam and Sophie, walking hand in hand, both of them smiling and giggling and just happy to be together. And I see, they were meant to be each other’s. ✨ #siblings
  • First date night of 2020. 💗 And goodness did we need it. The beginning of this year has been nonstop, lots of decisions and changes and “adulting” and sickness and finally... to be able to get out together, no babies, for a few hours. To just “be” and have uninterrupted conversation. To hold hands and be silly and talk about nothing and everything at the same time. This guy is my rock and my other half and I’m so happy he’s mine, and I’m his. #sappybuttrue And now, back to reality of changing diapers and little sleep and sticky fingers and messes everywhere. Wouldn’t change it for a thing. ❤️
  • Lots of adulting this week, including a tour of our neighborhood school this morning and trying to figure out the best place for Sam to go next year for 1st grade!!! Somehow, we’re already here. 😫😭 Lots of different things to consider, but it all boils down to what’s best for HIM and his growth. ❤️ We just want a perfect inclusion school with teachers who are all trained in ABA and support aides for anyone who needs one, and a beautiful art program and classes that meet each child where they are, and... maybe Zack and I will just open our own school. 😉 (kind of serious about this 😬)... I’ll let you know when we figure this all out. 🤯 Little Ollie boy is the best sidekick, happiest when being worn and just winning over the hearts of everyone we encounter. 🥰 The bright spot of all of my days.
Outfit details, including my favorite cardigan, on sale: http://liketk.it/2JdX5 #liketkit @liketoknow.it
  • This is 4. 🌈 Sophie Michelle, my strong willed, personality plus, dancing queen. To know you is to love you. You have the sweetest (and wildest) soul, always want to hold your baby brother, you make up songs in your own little language, love all animals, only want to wear dresses every single day- with multiple outfit changes, mais oui. 💁‍♀️ You are always giving out compliments. You’re one of the funniest people I know and love all of the attention on you (but take some time to warm up). You are everything I want to be, even if I have to remind myself “don’t kill her spirit” 50 times a day. 🤪 Happy 4th birthday, my darling girl. 💗
  • Celebrated our little unicorn-loving almost-4-year-old yesterday with friends and family! Unicorn party two years in a row- what can I say, she knows what she likes. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂🦄 Our house is still in disarray (9 toddlers, man 🤪) and we’ve got leftover cake in the fridge and are feeling a liiiiiittle extra tired today, so it was a success! 🎉 (side note: I made my first balloon garland, and it was surprisingly easy! Tutorial coming soon!)
  • 8 months of Oliver. 🌿 You are such a joy! You LOVE to eat and being on mama’s hip is your favorite place. Daddy can make you giggle the most, and Sophie and Sam both make you smile so big. You love to nurse and you suck your thumb (we’re 3 for 3 on thumb suckers! 😍) and you still have the biggest cheeks and blue eyes I’ve seen. You are a mover, and do the cutest little army crawl/drag to get around. 😂 Sleep is so much better now (yay!) and you are up to 16.5 lbs! You’ve got 4 teeth now, with 3 more breaking through. You’ve started to babble, saying lots of “dadada” and “yeahs” so basically, you’re going to be speaking in sentences in no time. 😉 We love you we love you we love you! 🥰 (swipe over to see how this photo shoot went! Much more interested in eating the milestone card! 😂😅😍) http://liketk.it/2IVSj #liketkit @liketoknow.it
  • Snack break. Necessary. 😏 Little Ollie boy  is proving to be QUITE the eater! 😍 I’ve been sharing in my stories what we feed him, and have gotten such a great response from you guys, loving when I share! I’ve made a “baby eats” highlight bubble and I’ll be adding to it with what we feed him, and his awesome full body bib that is a total GAME CHANGER! 👌🏻 ‘Cus, hi, it gets messy. 😂 We’re kind of doing modified baby led weaning, since he doesn’t like purées, he just wants to eat FOOD. All of the food. 🤣 I just make sure it is soft enough and basically just let him go to town. Winging it as we go. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Kind of like life, right. 🙌🏻 We’re all just winging it. ❤️ If you have a baby, what are some of their favorite foods?? Ollie loves banana, sweet potato, avocado, yogurt, beans and rice!  http://liketk.it/2IOQ6 #liketkit @liketoknow.it