This weekend. Ohh, this weekend. Well, Saturday to be exact. It was a total “Murphy’s Law” type of day. You know, whatever can go wrong, will go wrong? Yes. Indeed.

So Friday night we’re lying in bed talking about what we want to do the next day, as we do nearly every night. It’s kind of our evening ritual. It’s fun and gets us excited for the day to follow. Yeah, well. We had some big plans, let me tell you. They involved donuts! And coffee! And yard sales! And Home Goods! (I am obsessed with Home Goods and have been itching to redecorate like yesterday). And more shopping! And fish tacos! Naps be damned! And Zack even said, “Watch, we’re making all of these fun plans, and then we’ll end up doing nothing.” Har. Har. Funny.

We wake up on Saturday morning. The sun’s shining, the birds are chirping, let’s do this, Saturday! Only it’s later than we had planned, and we’re both STARVING and cannot possibly wait a second longer for breakfast. So, no donuts. Cheerios will have to suffice. For all three of us. And Sam is fussy. Like, reeeeeal fussy (side note: bananas are constipating, FYI. So, like, don’t feed your baby too many bananas, even if it is his favorite food ever). We debate if we should even attempt to take him anywhere, because he’s kind of a ticking time bomb. But we decide, eh, we’re seasoned pros, we got this. However, due to the fussy baby, we decide to wait until after his morning nap.

So we wait. Sam wakes up. Now it’s already three hours later than we wanted to start, so yard sales are out, too. Let’s move on to the shopping! My favorite part anyway! (Besides the donuts). We pack up the car and head out. Not one minute after getting on the freeway, our car beeps at us and the “!” sign lights up.

And of course the first thing that pops into my head is OMG OUR CAR IS GOING TO EXPLODE. I need to stop watching 24.

Zack pulls off the freeway and I get the car manual and we find that the “!” and beeping was due to low tire pressure. Zack gets out and inspects the tires, and sure enough! There is a lovely little screw in our tire! Fantastic!

At this point, our day is shot. We can’t drive on a screw tire. It’ll take a few hours to get that fixed. At that point, Sam will definitely need another nap and then dinner and then nighttime and then AH SCREW IT (see what I did there?) let’s just go home.

And that was our Saturday. Maybe we’ll have better luck next time?



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