dressing the bump

Now that I’m done being pregnant, I can honestly say that I will miss that bump of mine, if even juuuust a little bit. I mean, it was proving to be quite useful, as a table or hand rest. It’s been a really fun challenge dressing that bump, and I have gotten pretty good at wearing normal person clothes and working WITH the bump instead of against it, if that makes sense. I’m not a huge fan of maternity clothes in and of themselves (except for a few super cute dresses I got and of course my beloved Gap maternity leggings- life savers!) and thus just sized up in normal clothes and worked with items that flatter and accentuate the bump just so. And I think I got it down. Maybe that means more babies to come! ;) But hey, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

Today I want to share a few of my tips for dressing the bump, as I have been getting a lot of questions about it, and really just want to put it all out there. First off, let’s just say that I’m not a “maternity fashion” fan, really. I mean, most of the stuff if we’re being honest, ain’t that cute. Yes, it’s better than it used to be (not so many muumuus!) but still. Feeling cute is HIGH on the list of priorities for a pregnant woman, and sometimes the maternity section just doesn’t cut it. In no particular order, here are a few of my tips for dressing the bump!


1. Accentuate it. Don’t hide your beautiful growing bump! Show it off! Be proud of the amazing things your body is doing! My favorite way to accentuate my bump is to tie a belt right above it. This works great with a pretty little non form-fitting dress. I also loved wearing a form-fitting dress or top to really pop that bump!


2. Open sweaters and kimonos are your friends. Anything that just lays over your shoulders, and thus cannot be stretched out! I love pairing a loose flowy open kimono with a tight and long cami and some leggings or a cute dress.


3. Maternity leggings are a must. Gap maternity leggings are my favorite maternity purchase, hands down. I am so happy I made this purchase near to the beginning of my pregnancy. It’s one of the very few “maternity” items that I bought, and I am really glad I did. Especially since I was pregnant mostly during the colder months, I literally got SO much use out of these leggings. I would invest in a few pairs. I’ll be re-purchasing for my next pregnancy, for sure.


4. Size up! Okay, here’s my biggest and most favorite “secret” of dressing the bump: Just size up! Buy regular clothes, all in one or two sizes larger than you usually wear. Boom. Done. You can still wear cute clothes that are in style, and you can still feel like a normal person this way. Also, I stocked up on these long camis from Forever 21, in size Large, and they were perfect for layering and wearing underneath any shirts that might not have been quite long enough.

elastic waist

5. Elastic waists are the bee’s knees. Shorts, skirts (maxis are the besttttt!), leggings, anything with an elastic waist is your best friend during pregnancy. I actually wore my regular leggings throughout my pregnancy, as they are nice and stretchy and still fit! If you find they cut off your circulation, please, do NOT wear them- this is why those maternity leggings are so great! For variety, get a few pairs of leggings that are a size larger and rock those! I found a lot of super cheap leggings at H&M, Marshall’s and Kohl’s. I also discovered the most comfortable pregnancy pants at Forever 21 (pictured). Also, check ThredUp for awesome discounts on brands that you love!

bikini bump

6. Don’t hide it! If you’re pregnant during the summer, show off that cute bump and rock a bikini! There is nothing cuter than a bump in a bikini, if you ask me. It’s all about confidence, mama! This picture makes me smile, as it was just a week before little man was born. :)


And there you have it. My top tips for dressing the bump. The best advice I can give is to have fun with it! And don’t try to hide your bump with frumpy clothes. It will not only make you look frumpy, but you’ll feel frumpy too, which is the LAST thing you should be feeling while pregnant! Flaunt it, little mama! ;)




skirt: forever 21 (similar here)
sandals: target (here)



My very first outfit of the day with my little lambie pie in my arms! This is what we wore on Easter, even though we didn’t end up going anywhere. It was Sam’s due date, but I am pretty relieved I got to hold him in my arms at home instead. Way better, if you ask me.


A few things about Sam, for the memory book:

- He makes the cutest little faces. We just sit and stare at him for hours, at his furrowed brow and his little mock smiles, and when he looks like he’s almost going to start bursting out crying, but then doesn’t.

- He likes to eat. A lot. And thus, mama isn’t getting much sleep. But you know what, that’s okay. I’d rather stare at him all night anyway. Sleep is for the weak. ;)

- He makes little grunting noises all the time, and it’s my favorite sound in the world.

- There is nowhere he’d rather be than asleep on mama or daddy. Seriously. Nowhere. He gets his best sleep there too, but we try to put him in his cradle as much as possible. Although, we kind of prefer him to sleep on us, too. ;)

- His entire body gets so red when he gets frustrated. He’s our little tomato.

- He loves touching his face with his hands.

- He is a little love bug and I just want to eat him up.

Life with a newborn is fun, tiring, exhausting, emotional, full of love, frustrating at times, and just the best ever.


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pants: forever 21 (similar here and here)
shirt: target
shoes: converse (here)




Okay, okay, this is the very last bump outfit post. Kinda sad, no? I mean, I’m happy to be bump-free these days (and especially happy to be able to hold the little “bump” in my arms instead of in my tummy!) but I do miss it just a tad bit. Mostly because it became the perfect little table top for holding my cereal. Did I tell you, my biggest craving during my pregnancy was cereal. Frosted Mini Wheats to be exact. Starting in the 2nd trimester, I was pretty much eating a bowl every single night before bed. SO good. And I would rest the bowl right on that belly of mine. It was great. I also got into the habit of resting my hands on it every time we were relaxing on the couch. I find myself going to put my hands on my belly and then realizing it’s not there and being slightly disappointed. But only because it’s a nice thing, to have a hand rest at all times.

But really, I’m glad to be able to breathe again, and to roll over in bed easily, and to stand up and sit down with no difficulty, and also lying on my stomach, oh my word. I’ve always been a side sleeper, but there’s something about lying on your stomach after not having been able to for 9 months that just feels absolutely heavenly! Who’s with me?!


p.s. I’m working on a post devoted entirely to how I dressed the bump during my pregnancy, and with my personal tips on doing so! Keep checking back for that, sometime later this week. :)