miss about being pregnant

So I took to the Instagram, asking all my mama friends something I thought would be a fun topic: what they miss about being pregnant. And if you are currently pregnant, this is a nice thing to read to remind yourself if maybe you’re not feeling great or are super uncomfortable, to try to focus on these beautiful things that you will surely miss one day! ;)

And if you were quoted in the article, thank you so much for your help! I love that I have a community of moms I can go to who always have the best responses!

“Me time. It’s few and far between now that my baby is my number one priority!” –Katie R.

“Eating whatever I wanted, and blaming it on ‘cravings.'” –Claire D.

“I miss the automatic personal space. Everyone backs up to make room for the pregnant mama”. – Bri T.

“Being able to eat a big meal and not feeling like I have to suck it in afterward.” – Mel B.

“The anticipation of knowing if I had a boy bump or a girl bump!” -Rachael

“I miss the feeling of knowing the very thing I created and love more than life itself is moving and growing inside of me- it’s the best feeling ever!” –Mel C.

“Mostly I miss the sweet movements of my girls inside. Nothing more miraculous.” – Melanie B.

“When I had a rough day I felt like he just knew and would wiggle around as if he was reassuring me it’s okay.” –Ash H.

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And now it’s your turn! I want to hear in the comments below, what do you miss most about being pregnant?



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