llove aalways

I found this poem in my stalking of wedding websites, and thought it was so stinkin’ cute, I just had to post it:

“The Llama and The Aardvark,” by Leslie D. Perkins

The Llama and the Aardvark
Went ambling by the llake;
The llama said, “I llove you
Aas much aas llemon cake.”

The lady aardvark aanswered,
“I’ve lloved you aall aalong,
Aas much as llarks and llovebirds
Aadore aan Aapril song.”

The llama said, “How llovely!
Llet’s never llive aapart!”
The aalways-aardent aardvark
aagreed with aall her heart.

On another, completely unrelated note, we found a turtle IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET yesterday, so of course we couldn’t just let him sit there, all helpless and turtle-like, so he now is living in our garden out back. We named him Mister Turtle. And here, in honour of our new pet, is a picture of a turtle on a skateboard:

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