19 weeks

One more week and we have our gender ultrasound! Not that it really makes a difference, because we won’t be finding out until the following Saturday at our Gender Reveal Party, but you know. Still exciting to see the little peanut! :) One more week and I’m halfway through being preggers! Whatttt. Crazy talk, right there.

This week, nothing much new to report, except that I am hungry all the time (still) and am ecstatic for Thanksgiving, because we are doing our usual two Thanksgivings, and this year I will be pregnant and thus get to eat to my heart’s content. Which, you know, is pretty much the best thing to be on Thanksgiving, I would imagine. Pregnant, that is. I’m also really not looking forward to Thanksgiving because it’s the first one without my mom, and I can’t even process that or handle thinking about that at all right now, otherwise I’m just a big ball of mess, curled up in the fetal position or staring into nothingess with an empty look on my face. Like I was last night, when we brought out all of our Christmas decor. I try so hard to be positive and to be happy and excited, and it’s just a lot of work, you know? So, those emotions of mine. They’re all over the place. To be expected, I suppose.

That guy I married is a really good one, let me tell you. He handles the moods and the hormones and everything just beautifully. I know everything I’m feeling is amplified, and gosh, what a crazy time to be amplified. But like, for example, he surprised me with a Gap gift card because I’ve been talking about how great everyone says the maternity leggings from Gap are, and also their lounge pants (I’m really into lounge pants right now) and like. I mean, what. I think I’ll keep him.

I still haven’t felt any movement or anything, but I like to look at the pictures of Baby from our last ultrasound and that makes me smile. Just knowing that little tiny person (6 inches of person!) is inside my belly right now, it’s a pretty crazy thought. And in two weeks we’ll know the gender! Eek, I can’t waiiiit!

ikea haul

We went shopping on Saturday. Like, a lot of shopping. And as an avid proponent of “shopping ’til you drop” I have to say it’s much harder to do whilst pregnant. Good thing I remembered to pack a snack. Also, Ikea is killing it right now. They have gold frames now! Gold frames!! I love gold frames! And then also that deer mug. And they were like $3.99 each, so you know. Yay for Ikea. Plus, we got a 6-pack of cinnamon buns, because that’s just what you do when you go to Ikea, don’t you know.

Annnd that’s all I got.


p.s. Come back tomorrow for my Gift Guide for Him! And in case you missed it, check out my Gift Guide for Her!


  1. LOVE that mug!! I need to go to Ikea! If only it weren’t 2 hours away!!

    • Aww Ikea used to be that far from us, too, but then they opened one really close to us, and it was the happiest day of my life. Okay, that’s a lie, but still. It was exciting.

  2. I cannot believe you are halfway through!! that is craziness! so glad your husband is being so great through it all, what a keeper!!

    • I knowwww! :) I can’t believe it either! Especially since we didn’t find out until I was already 2 months pregnant, so it doesn’t even feel like it’s been that long!! And yes, agreed. He’s a total keeper!

  3. Yay for gender reveal….it felt so much more REAL after that!!! And now I want Ikea gold frames, big time!!!


    • Ahhh I seriously am so excited to find out!! :) Can’t wait for the kicks too! And girl. Get some gold frames. So cheap and SO pretty!

  4. aww so sweet that your husband surprised you with a gap gift card :) Love the mug and gold frames! I was at ikea a few weeks ago and didn’t see any of that cute stuff!

    sundays grace

    • Aww yeah, they said new item on them, so I think they just got them in! I think another Ikea trip is in order for you! ;)

  5. holy moly! half way though?! what! that is so, so exciting :D

    i also had a shop-til-you-drop sort of weekend. my guy spoiled me a little (lotta) haha.

    yay for the holiday season!! i cannot wait for a big family dinner on thursday. this is the first time in years that i am eating meat, so you better believe i am pretty excited about that big ol’ bird lol.

    have a fabulous week!

    • I kowwww!! I can’t believe it’s already almost halfway!! YAY for being spoiled! Those are the best kinds of shopping trips ;) Girl, eat all of the turkey you can handle!!

  6. It is so crazy that you are almost halfway through! How exciting! I am loving that mug too…so cute!

  7. Your bump went back into itself this week haha! Cannnnnot believe you’re pretty much already halfway done…. that’s insane.


  8. Eeekk! Can’t wait to hear what you are having! You still look amazing!

  9. Yay for finding out the gender and for eating as much as you want! But not yay for this being your first Thanksgiving with your mom. I’ll send positive thoughts your way & hope you can make it through it.
    I’m jealous of your Ikea shopping. I have never actually been inside of an Ikea since we live about three hours away from our closest one. But so many people get some amazing things from there and I think I just need to give in and make it a road trip! Have a good week!

    Jamie @
    The Growing Up Diaries

    • I need those positive thoughts so so much. Thank you for that <3 And a road trip to Ikea is totally in order. It’s worth it. So so sooo worth it.

  10. I can’t believe you’re halfway done! You’re still so tiny. Can’t wait to see more of a baby bump and know the gender. So exciting!

    • My bump goes in and out, it’s weird, I don’t get it. haha! ;) I’m enjoying it now though, because I know very soon there will be no more “in” and I will miss it!! Can’t wait to find out gender, toooo! Eek!!

  11. Yay, one more week until I start shopping like crazy!

  12. You are the cutest little pregnant girl! How exciting to be finding out the gender soon, I would be SO anxious!

  13. I’m sure your reveal party will be wonderful with your love of party throwing! :)

  14. Oh my gosh! How adorable are you! I can’t even see your bump! Congratulations!
    Kat | http://www.poshbykat.com

    • Aww thanks girl!! :) The bump keeps going in and out- it’s pretty weird haha. It’ll stick sometime soon, especially with the help of this Thanksgiving meal I just ate ;)

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